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How can I block a sender in Outlook 2007 / 2010 / 2013 or Liberty Webmail?

How can I block a sender in Outlook and Liberty Webmail? Microsoft Outlook has the ability to block unwanted senders. This is a good action to take whenever a spam or junk email is received. To block be processed and sent to the Junk Mail folder. To Block a Sender in Outlook

How do I flag a site for review on Open DNS?

is blocked, a dynamic block page is displayed explaining to users why the page is blocked and giving

What is Open DNS? (Expanded)

with a block page instead of the website that is attempting to be accessed. It can also block connections the ability to block specific pages/websites within a domain. For example, Open DNS can be used to block YouTube's domain but is unable to block a specific video/page

How can I register emergency contact information with Liberty?

How can I register emergency contact information with Liberty?  The Federal Government has issued a regulation that requires universities to maintain a list of emergency contacts which will be used information. Enter in the contacts details on the form provided, and click Submit

How does People Finder work in the myLU portal?

How does People Finder work in the myLU portal? People Finder is a tool designed to make contacting classmates and co-workers easier.  Navigate to, where a search box may appear automatically. If not, sign into the MyLU Portal. Once signed in, you can now type a name or part of a name to display search results for the ind...

How do I enable popups?

to block popups, so they must be configured to allow course content to be able to launch - without: Google provides step-by-step instructions that can be found at Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome, meaning that turning off the popup blocker can allow ads and other unwanted content

How do I resolve EZProxy issues?

How do I resolve EZProxy issues? EZProxy is a system that allows currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff to access on-campus resources while they are not actually on campus. Similar to a VPN, EZProxy allows students to "be in the library" from any location with an Internet connection. Occasionally, students may run in to difficul...

How do I request to have a website unblocked?

make sure to choose the  Block /Unblock Website request option, listed under the Miscellaneous section

Why is the Timer Status Bar on Blackboard missing/blocking questions?

Why is the Timer Status Bar on Blackboard missing/blocking questions? Symptoms When students attempt to take a quiz they are not able to see the Timer status bar in Blackboard, or the timer bar may be blocking part of the questions on their exam. Resolution If your timer bar is blocking your questions in Blackboard, changing the Zoom Set...

How To: Basic Windows 8/8.1 Navigation

, move your mouse cursor down to the bottom-left corner of your screen. A small block will appear. When you click on this Start block it will open the new Start Menu. The Start Menu will now be a full-left or up to the top-left corner of the screen to bring out the Desktop block

Touchnet Troubleshooting

Customer Care see KB0016017   TouchNet Troubleshooting Contacts Before reaching out to Cashiering. Contacts for password resets: Allison Kunkle ( or (434) 592-7869. Becky Cole. Long-term process/ contacts for password resets and account unlocking is yet

What are some best practices for Canvas?

Academy closes. Online documents (.pdf) and video recording and playback Chrome and Firefox will block

How do I setup an Android phone for Liberty email?

not have any unwanted devices syncing to it before setting up your mailbox. Please follow the steps

How do I connect my Freedom Aviation account to my iOS device?

, Contacts , Calendars.  Note: Some versions of iOS may specify different menu choices. If Mail, Contacts . For further information go here.    Alternate Instructions If your device separates Mail, Contacts

How do I submit a Blackboard assignment?

party software called Sendori may block the ability to access the Liberty website as well as prevent

Dialer Change Request Process

'; LUTOOLS.QPM.MAKEBASELINE (  SQLID = SQLID) ;  END; This will add the sql block into QPM. Once

How do I email my instructor in Blackboard?

How do I email my instructor in Blackboard? A user can send email to other users, students, teaching assistants, or instructors in a course by using the Send Email tool in Blackboard. This article explains how to send an email to the course instructor(s). Emailing the instructor Log into Blackboard and select the course in which you wish...

How do I create Activities in Microsoft CRM?

How do I create Activities in Microsoft CRM? Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activities are used to record a specific type of communication and the subject, time and details of that communication. Emails, phone calls, and meetings are all examples of Activities. To create an activity within Microsoft CRM: Navigate to and l...

How do I use Cisco VPN on the Android platform?

, uncheck the option Block Untrusted Servers. 8. Now navigate back once and slide the Off switch

How can I stay safe against phishing and email scams?

on managing quarantined emails. If you would like to block a sender in Outlook, Click Here for our guide