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How do I connect to the Liberty wireless network? (Windows)



Mac   Linux



Please follow the steps below to connect to the Liberty-Secure wireless network (Note: you MUST be on-campus to connect):

  1. In the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen, click the wireless icon (as shown below) to bring up a list of wireless networks that you have the option to connect to.


  2. Select Liberty-Wireless

    • Liberty-Wireless should NOT be mistaken as a network connection for normal Liberty wireless internet access. Its ONLY use is to allow you to go through this process. Do NOT use Liberty-Wireless after these steps have been completed successfully, as you will not be able to access other websites.


  3. In a web browser, navigate to:
  4. Click on the Start button under the "Connect this Windows Computer" section.


  5. Your computer will be checked to make sure that your web browser can run Java. If Java is installed you may need to allow Java to run in the browser (usually indicated by a popup message towards the top of the browser).
    Note: If you do not have Java installed or the program fails click here to go to manual setup instructions.


  6. The XpressConnect program will attempt to download to your computer.


  7. XpressConnect will start to install and be configured.


  8. When the Welcome To The Liberty University Network screen displays, select Wireless Network Access, then click Continue


  9. Log in with your Liberty username and password. Leave off the ""  in the username field.


  10. Click Continue
  11. XpressConnect will attempt to configure, connect, and authenticate your computer for network connectivity. Once finished, you will receive confirmation that you have been successfully connected to Liberty-Secure. You are now free to move about the Internet!

Manual setup if XpressConnect fails or Java is not installed


  1. If the XpressConnect setup fails you can click on the link for the manual download page at the bottom right corner of the page

  2. Next click on Microsoft Windows and then click the link that says NetworkWizardLoader.exe. This will begin the download of a file.

  3. Once the file has downloaded you will need to click on it to tell it to run. The program will begin to run and resume at step 7 (above).

If you encounter any error messages during setup, or the steps above do not work, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 866-447-2869, or come to our HelpDesk Walk-In Support area to have your computer connected to the Liberty-Secure wireless network with the assistance of one of our IT Technicians. Click here for current Walk-In Support location and hours of operation.


Authored by Christopher Parks
Last modified 7 months ago