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How do I submit a Paper or Toner Order?


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How do I submit a Paper or Toner Order?

If you need to order paper or toner for the printer in/near your office area, refer to this tutorial for how to submit the request. The ticket will then be forwarded to the Liberty University IT HelpDesk Campus Support office for the delivery.

  1. Begin by going to the Service-Now page: or by going to  If you are using the direct link to the Paper or Toner Order request, please proceed to step 6.

  2. There will be three columns on the page; you want to look at the third column titled Get Help. Click on the first link under this column: Submit a support ticket request.

  3. If you are not signed in on ServiceNow, then the next page will ask you to sign in using your Liberty University username and password.

  4. On the next page, select your group, either Students or Faculty & Staff. Please choose the group that best suits you. If you are both, you may select either category, choose the designation that most closely relates to your issue.

  5. On the next page you will be presented with a list of possible requests to submit.  Please select Paper or Toner Order under the "Print Services" heading.

  6. Your information should auto-populate; please verify the name, username, and phone number fields. The "What is the Printer ID: (PRxxxxxx)" field is required to submit the request; the PR number can be located on the sticker on the HP Printer.

  7. Next, fill out the form for the items needed in your order.  Notice that the form is split into three sections: Paper, Toner, and Other Items. Select the amount of each item you need. If you only need a single item or multiples of the same item, all other fields can be left as "0".
  8. The last two fields that are required are for the specified delivery date (allow at least two days from date of the order) and the delivery location. If your location does not appear, please enter the location in the additional information field at the bottom of the page. This field can also be used to specify other information that may be helpful for the delivery.

  9. Lastly, to submit the form you will need to scroll to the top of the page and select the orange Submit Order button.

  10. Your order has now been submitted and should be delivered by the requested delivery date.