FN Appeal Process


FN Appeal Process

Policy Information

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Registrar's Office

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Policy Language

Students who receive a grade of "FN" may appeal to their professor to have the grade removed to resume work in the course.

Policy Rationale

Provides the necessary steps for the FN appeal process.

Definition of Glossary Terms

FN: Failure for nonattendance (when a student ceases attendance for 21 consecutive days within a course)

Procedural Information


Professors have the ability to approve or deny FN Appeal requests. However, appeals should only be considered for approval if the student is able to potentially pass the class based upon the remaining assignments and is able to complete the coursework with an earned grade prior to the established post final grades deadline. The student’s appeal must be submitted through the online form at www.liberty.edu/fnappeal. The student must submit their appeal by the official end date of the course in order to be considered. If the student (1) does not re-engage after the FN appeal, (2) attempts to officially withdraw or (3) receives an Incomplete, the FN will be reposted.


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